Lightbulb Session

A focused, 2-hour deep dive into your finances to help you create your dream life now while also building a carefree future!

The Light Bulb Session is for you if you've ever felt:

  • Disappointed in yourself when you get to the end of the month and you're asking yourself "Where the eff did all my money go!?"
  • Anxious because you've dreamed about having an impactful career in the nonprofit world for so long, but now you have it and worry that you might have to give it up in order to make more money in the *cough* for-profit world *cough*.
  • Like the weight of your loved one's finances are on your shoulders and you're dying to help, but you're not even sure you can take care of your own money.
  • Scared to hand over your debit card to a cashier because you're not actually sure if the charge will go through. Yikes.
  • Ashamed because you know that so many people are worse off than you and you want to be in a position to use your privilege for good, yet every month your savings account seems to get smaller.
  • Like a failure because you feel like you've tried and tried to get your finances on track, but can never stick to a plan.

What's included?

  • A private, 2-hour call with Alyssa
  • A personalized excel sheet complete with your unique budgeting template, a debt payoff plan, and a savings tracker
  • A pre-session questionnaire to complete to ensure you and Alyssa know exactly what you want to accomplish on the call. We're going to make the most of these 2 hours!
  • An exact action plan for you to implement for ongoing success
  • A look into Alyssa's exact process that she used to transform her money from a source of stress to a tool used to bring joy and alignment into her life
  • A 30-min follow up call to check in on your progress

This offer is for you if...

  • You're a mission-driven professional making major waves in your career, but constantly stressed about your own finances.
  • You tell yourself every month that you're going to figure out your money, but get overwhelmed trying to figure out your 1st step, let alone your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.
  • It feels like your credit card balance never goes down and your savings account never goes up.
  • You're not doing terrible, but you know you're wasting time and money by only paying attention to your money when you're stressed.

“Alyssa was an incredibly patient, calming, and optimistic coach during my session! I now feel more intentional about my spending and am excited and motivated to pay down my credit card debt. She helped me identify my top goals, and create a budget that would realistically help me reach those goals in the time that I needed.”  

“The budgeting tactics that Alyssa shared and flexible framework she helped me build are the reason I'm still on track after 3 months and a couple of big challenges since our session. I feel like I can live a life that is comfortable to me and conducive to my happiness, while still accomplishing my financial goals.”

Meet Alyssa, Your New Financial Coach

Alyssa is a financial coach for mission driven and nonprofit professionals. As a mission driven professional herself, Alyssa understands the struggle of trying to set yourself up for financial success while also dedicating your life to helping others. She also believes that the world would be a much better place if more wealth sat with people like us.

Alyssa is a Colorado native living in Brooklyn, NY with her free-roam rabbit Lavender. She loves rooftop season, beaches, and red wine that tastes more expensive than it is.

Through The Financial Ally, Alyssa teaches people the same steps she took to:

  • Double her nonprofit salary in 4 years
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • Get over the guilt and shame surrounding wanting wealth in the nonprofit world

What would you do if I gave you $1,000?

The average person in the U.S. will pay $1,162 in credit card interest EVERY YEAR! Getting your money figured out and paying off debt is like giving your future self THOUSANDS of dollars!

Why wait on that?? It's a no brainer!

If you've gotten this far, the Light Bulb Session is for you!

Hey, friend.

I know how stressed you are about money, and I really feel for you. Just a couple years ago, I was exactly where you are, feeling what you're feeling. All I wanted to do was make an impact in my career, be able to help my family with money, and MAYBE even be able to live without 3+ roommates one day...But I just couldn't seem to break out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle or overcome the overwhelm and anxiety I felt about my money. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I made the decision to get my sh*t together with my money, and I've never looked back. Now I'm excited to show you how to do that, too!

Are you in??